Pasta is our Specialty!

We at Callifonte Foods pride ourselves in making excellent pasta.  Our locally-owned business produces a wonderful selection of fresh pastas and sauces that are sold at local grocery stores and farmers markets and served up on local restaurants' tables.  Our customers love our selection of ravioli and stuffed shells.  Our dried pastas come in many varieties.  You will love the simple pleasure of our preservative-free pasta drenched in our signature marinara.  


Our gift baskets make the perfect gift for the pasta-lover in your life.  Each gift basket combines varieties of dried pasta and our delicious pasta sauce.  We make dinner easy for you and help bring families to the table.  A classic Italian meal can be on the table in less than fifteen minutes!  Our gift baskets show you care by providing quick and easy meals which are highly apreciated during stressful holidays or any day really!  Try the house gift for a housewarming occasion or the Seven pound Gift Basket to ensure your gift keeps providing for at least seven meals. 


We believe in helping the community, that's why we've paired up with schools to raise money for education.  Do you want to raise money for your PA school program?  Start a fundraising event.  Students take orders for frozen and dried pasta along with our various pasta sauces and soups and we deliver the orders to the school at the end of the event.  Everyone buys pasta.  Why not buy it from your school?  Contact us about our fundraiser opportunity!